Lär känna valpen...

En gång i månaden intervjuar vi en ny valp...

Denna gången intervjuade vi: Pup Casper.

OBS! Intervjuerna översätts inte till Svenska.


1: First and foremost, Who might you be for those of us that do not know?

Im Casper, a social pup from the south of Sweden, but living in Stockholm since 2001.
Im like Morpheus in Matrix… I find lost pups around Matrix and offer them a blue or red pill. I show them a whole new world. I find new pups all the time. Its so rewarding to see the glowing eyes of a pup trying on a puppy hood for the first time.

2: What is the story behind your pup name?

Im Casper the friendly pup-ghost, Boo!

3: For how long have you been involved in the Puppy play community?

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… For quite some time, but the last 2 years has been so rewarding with a community that just keep growing.

4: What drew you in? and what made you stay?

The including, caring and social community. Such a small kink-community with such wonderful and amazing pups.

5: What aspect of our community do you find most appealing?

Puppyplay can be whatever you want it to be. Social, sexual, both. It allows you to be proud of yourself and all the progress you have made.

6: Do you have any role models within the Puppyplay community?

My rolemodels has always been inspiring pups that continue to care for others.

7: Where do you see yourself within our community in a years time?

I will always continue to mentor, coach and guide pups in this community. The community will continue to grow and we will see the rise of pups.

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